Our Mission: Create a place where Airmen intrapreneurs can spend their time to explore, build and grow new initiatives that will have a meaningful impact on the Air Force.




We attack problems that can be designed and iterated at the lowest organizational level but always look for a way to scale across the Air Force or Department of Defense.



We partner with subject matter experts across the Department of Defense, industry and academia which allows us to keep track of the latest emerging tech and academic theory.

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We focus heavily on education and training, so our Airmen have the skills to attack any challenge within the military and are better prepared to transition to the civilian world. 

  1. Connect diverse, innovative members from industry, academia and government

  2. Develop capabilities, options and prototype opportunities for the Air Force

  3. Disseminate lessons learned to help other organizations speed and scale

  4. Create virtual and physical sandboxes to enable prototyping at the lowest level

  5. Embed mechanisms that push ideas to the highest level

  6. Foster a culture of innovation at all levels of the Air Force



Follow our blog as we capture ongoing projects, ideas, and lessons learned from across the Air Force. Head over to the "Contact Us" page if you would like to submit a post for the blog.


Check out our products page for access to all of our professional development,training and educational products as well as details on our i.Lab projects and capabilities.


The Air Force Innovation Quarterly or "IQ" is our quarterly journal. Inside you will find updates on many of our innovation projects, lessons learned from past failures, commentary from Airmen and introductions to other projects across the Air Force. Please go to our "About" page if you would like to submit a story for the IQ or our blog.

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