Airmen Training and Development

PME Next - Identifying graduate courses at academic instutitions based on AF institutional competencies and utilizing these courses to augment current professional military education during gap years. Status: Local deployment

Hacking Unit Education - Capturing local lessons learned on past innovation initiatives and development and training projects. Status: Pushed across the NAF and posted to "Products"page

Hacking4Defense - Use H4D methodology to partner Airmen with University students. Teams will focus on an Air Force problem and Airmen will learn Innovation Corps methodology. Status: Completed 3 problems with Stanford (2016/2017).

H4D Current Problem #1 - Dynamic military leadership development, University of Virginia, sponsored by CMSgt Todd Simmons, Command Chief, Air University (click here for problem statement)

H4D Current Problem #2 - Talent Management, US Air Force Academy, sponsored by CMSAF Kaleth Wright (click here for problem statement)

MOOC - Use institutional competencies to identify massive open online courses that can meet the training needs of dynamic mission requirements and fill training gaps in individual Airmen. Status: Local deployment

SENTINEL SIM - Mission and training simulator utilizing open commercial-off-the-shelf video game and local modification community. Status: utilized for local training and evaluations

ABI - Two week critical thinking course to augment current training pipeline. Status: Developed and deployed across the Wing



Quality of Life

BASHR Bikes - Local bike share program for newly arriving Airmen and Airmen without vehicles. Status: Two bikes and smart phone application now deployed

Campus - Changing the feel of and opportunities on the Group Campus through physical and spiritual resiliency tools. Status: Gym-Complete, Education Center-Complete, Micro Market-Complete, Barber Shop-Ongoing


Human Resources Management Capability Development

LBB - Smart phone compatable application for afi 36-2618 (Little Brown Book). Status: Deployed AF-wide as part of “AF Connect” app

Kraken - Cloud based talent identification application to track skillsets, abilities, and interested that are not currently tracked by AF systems. Status: Local development

Career HUD - Python based web scraper for vMPF data to guide performance feedback and career planning. Status: Pushed to HAF/A1 for development - Natural language processing EPR bullet generator. Status: Local development

LIB - working with startup to develop natural language processing based chat-bot to allow Airmen to ask questions based on AFIs. For example "can I wear mini-medals with mess dress?". Status: Local development


Operational Capability Development

FLISR - "Uber for aircraft" web application to schedule and dynamically re-task multiple types of aircraft. Status: AFWERX Spark Tanks 2017 ACC finalist and now at AFRL for deployment

MURMUR - Cloud based, speech-to-text, web application that utilizes natural language processing. Status: Local development

Prod-A-Thon - Local competition to drive policy/process changes in multiple mission areas. Multiple Prod-A-Thon submissions have been embedded into operational mission.  Status: Deployed across the Wing, one event per quarter

STARS - Automated mission reporting tool to cut process time by 90% and remove man-in-the-loop and reduce error rate. Status: Pushed to AFRL for deployment

Defender - Tool for scrubbing large amounts of server data to indentify potential personally identifiable information. Status: Local deployment

FM - Working with industry to test cross domain solution to push NATO data across multiple networks with zero security issues. Status: Developing pitch for DoD

3D Video - Working with industry to reconstruct 3D scenes and virtual worlds from 2D video. Tool will also conduct AI based change detection. Status: Building pitch for MAJCOM led test

VR Mission Planning - Working with industry to test collaborative mission planing from multiple locations in virtual reality. Status: In development

Map - Working with industry to test GPU enabled geospatial visualization and analytics. Status: Local development

Taskr - Cloud based task management tool developed for deployment at multiple classifications. Status: Local user testing on NIPR